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Hello, it’s a new world! Gone are the days when trading was limited to physical goods and good ole’ stocks, ETFs, and derivatives. The incredible expansion of technology has made the digital world more like a “twinnish” replica of our physical world.


As a result, almost all tradable assets in the physical world have an equivalent in the form of tradable digital assets. These tradable assets include various cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and give investors an immensely lucrative opportunity to generate returns.; What it is

For that reason, it would be smart for anyone who wants to grow financially to be part of this digital revolution. By trading digital assets, you stand to transform your financial life entirely and reach heights you never imagined. But the big question is – how?


Well, is the how. Mind explaining? Of course not! is a premium “full-service digital asset exchange platform covering millions of users around the world.” That is to say, allows smart investors like you to earn revenues on your crypto deposits.


And the best thing about it? is not a nascent exchange without a real track-record of tangible success. has been so successful that it got ranked as the second largest crypto exchange by virtue of its crypto trading volume! That’s quite an impressive feat by any measure.


An extensive selection of tradable cryptocurrencies

But why has been able to achieve such great success? Well, it is primarily because is investor-centric. That is to mean is a digital asset exchange that does what is best for the investor.


It is a robust exchange with an extensive selection totaling over 1400 different cryptocurrencies! 


That way, investors have adequate power of choice when settling on which assets to acquire and which ones to trade.
Additionally, Gate,io is available in over 224 countries and serves over 12 million of people across the world. That is particularly great for investors because the higher the number of people using the exchange, the better the trading activity and the more lucrative opportunities are.

The only exception to the countries is not available in is Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, and Crimea. is also absent in Washington and New York.


How to Set Up


So how do you get to be part of the action on That is very simple and straightforward as the exchange has been optimized for nothing but profit and, you got it right, convenience! All you have to do is;


I) Open your browser and go to
II) Once you open the website, click on “Sign up.”
III) Fill in your personal details including name, email, your country, and telephone number on the registration form.
IV) Go through the terms and conditions and indicate that you agree.
V) You will receive an email in your mailbox requesting you to confirm that is indeed the address you want to use. Once you confirm that, your signup process will be complete.
VI) You will proceed to the verification stage available on the “Deposit” page. Here, you will provide identification documents like your passport or driver’s license.
VII) Once verification is complete, you can then deposit funds to your account and get ready to start trading! Best Features 

Fast and highly secure crypto withdrawals.
A good investment sufficiently caters to your long-term financial goals while still significantly covering your short-term needs as well. That is why’s hourly interest accruals and fast withdrawals constitute one of the platform’s best features.


Through the Lend & Earn program, you can redeem your assets inclusive of interest in the next hour after the assets are lent to borrowers at or above the lending rate you had specified. That gives you maximum flexibility in accessing your crypto assets whenever you need them.


Maximum security for your crypto assets


It must be noted that for traders, lenders, and borrowers to enjoy the fast withdrawals mentioned above, the assets should be stored within easy reach. Practically speaking, that requires assets to be readily available in hot wallets.


However, cold wallets usually offer the safest form of storage for digital assets as they are not easily vulnerable to cybertheft and hacking. As such, expertly combines advantages of both hot and cold wallets to create a hybrid storage system.


A small percentage of the digital currencies under’s management are held in hot wallets to cater to quick hourly withdrawals while the larger majority of assets are stored in cold wallets for maximum security.


A reliable source of passive income


Financial freedom is one of the most important goals in the modern world and offers you an opportunity to achieve that freedom. You need not dedicate a lot of time and effort to generate returns on your investment.


All you have to do is define your terms e.g, minimum rate of return you expect on your assets when subscribing. After that, will match your lending needs with corresponding borrowing needs in the digital asset market.


Once your assets are lent out, the principal amount will earn an interest and the total easily accessible from your account. As such, you have greater control over the rate of return your assets will accrue while still not having to be manually involved in the generation of that return.


No Need to Worry about Another Crypto Crash


The fall of FTX crypto exchange among other scandals planted some seeds of doubt in investors’ minds. But with, you need not worry about that at all. That is because as an investor-centric crypto exchange, Gate,io provides concrete proof of reserves (PoR).


That means, at no point will investor funds or assets be diverted and used for leverage in other companies or simply embezzled by those who run the exchange. That makes not just a great exchange but an industry leader when it comes to transparency and ethical conduct.


So do you need a crypto exchange that you can entrust your assets with for optimal returns, fast withdrawals, and long term profitability? Then you should definitely start your investment journey on!


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