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Draymond Green ejected from Game Two

Draymond Green ejected from Game Two, Warriors down 0-2

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Draymond Green ejected from Game Two, Warriors down 0-2

Game Two Warrior Draymond Green ejected for stomping on Sabonis’ chest, Warriors down 0-2 in the best-of-seven series.  The home team Kings will now travel to San Francisco for games four and five. 

NBA fans witnessed an intense first-round series in Sacramento between the Warriors and Kings, which saw the Warriors’ forward Draymond Green get ejected late in Game 2. The incident occurred when the Kings’ forward Domantas Sabonis fell to the floor after a missed floater by Malik Monk, and in the ensuing scramble for the rebound, Sabonis grabbed Green’s leg. The iinitial move by Sabonis was a foul, but Green’s retaliation was deemed excessive:

As Green shook his leg free from Sabonis’ grasp, he stomped on his mid-section with force, leading to his ejection from the game with a technical found (type two). As Sabonis writhed in pain, the referees turned to the monitor to scrutinize the incident. Meanwhile, Green embraced his inner wrestling villain, bellowing at the audience seated behind the Warriors’ bench and inciting the chorus of disapprovals that echoed throughout the arena.

Sabonis was also issued a foul for his role in the incident, and Green with the technical foul (type two) was ejected from the game. Despite Green’s absence, the Warriors fought hard but ultimately lost the game 114-106 to the Kings.

In the NBA, there are two types of technical fouls, commonly referred to as: Type 1 and Type 2

Type 1 technical fouls are issued for minor violations of the NBA rules, such as delay of game, defensive three-second violation, or excessive timeout requests. These fouls do not involve unsportsmanlike conduct and are not considered particularly severe. Type 1 technical fouls result in one free throw for the opposing team and possession of the ball.

Type 2 technical fouls, on the other hand, are considered more severe and are issued for unsportsmanlike conduct or for actions that show disrespect toward the game, such as arguing with the referees, using abusive language, or making obscene gestures. Type 2 technical fouls can also be issued for physical altercations, such as pushing or shoving an opponent.

Type 2 technical fouls result in one free throw for the opposing team and possession of the ball, as well as an automatic ejection of the player from the game. Accumulating too many technical fouls, either Type 1 or Type 2, can also result in additional penalties, such as fines or suspensions.

It’s important to note that referees have some discretion in deciding whether to issue a technical foul and what type of technical foul to issue. Referees can also rescind a technical foul if they determine that it was issued in error. Understanding the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 technical fouls is important for NBA players and fans, as it can impact the outcome of the game and player’s eligibility to participate in future games.

Draymond Green was recently suspended one game during the regular season for receiving his 16th technical foul of the season on March 16 vs. the the Clippers.  According to NBA regulations, if a player or coach accumulates 16 technical fouls during the regular season, they will face an automatic one-game suspension.

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