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What Is Two-Factor Authentication?

Fundamentals of Two-factor Authentication and Why It’s Important

The World Wide Web has become one of the largest sources of information for people from all walks of life. From fact-checking to streaming movies, the internet has helped make life more convenient on many levels.

In the US alone, the number of Internet users has increased from 288 million during 2020 to over 300 million during 2022. A major percentage of this consumption of the web can be accounted by social media. People across the world use social media applications such as Facebook (Meta), Instagram, and Twitter.

The Internet has proven to be helpful in several areas, such as banking, education, trading, communication, etc. This massive use of the web for such important operations led to a large number of foreign entities attempting to steal sensitive data.

Even today, with the extensive use of security procedures, hack attacks, phishing attacks, and security breaches take place. This has always been a problem of enormous proportions, not just for private and government organizations but also for the public using the Internet.

So, how are we expected to protect our information? How are we supposed to make sure that our bank credentials don’t fall into the wrong hands? Well, using complex passwords was all the rage for a minute there, but it didn’t stay that way for long.

Needless to say, no method is foolproof, but multi-factor authentication is a good place to begin from. To be specific, we are referring to two-factor authentication (2FA), which is a form of multi-factor authentication.

What is Two-factor Authentication?

2FA is a process that is specifically used to identify users before allowing them access to their email accounts, social media profiles, and much more.

While two-factor authentication was largely used for net banking, today, it has become a routine procedure while setting up an account.

Let’s review the fundamentals of two-factor authentication. Imagine that you have successfully set up an email account. In addition to a strong password, you will be asked to prove that you’re not a fraudster by providing a phone number which will then verify your identity.

The email service will send a one-time password to you via SMS, and once you enter that code correctly, you’re verified. In a nutshell, this is what two-factor authentication is.

But how does two-factor authentication exactly work? Well, the idea behind 2FA is to verify an individual’s identity by asking them for valid information regarding something that only they could have access to.

For example, several banking websites ask a few questions related to minute details about your childhood, such as the name of your first pet, your nickname, your sibling’s birthday, etc.

When the bank registers a new login from your account, two of these questions are likely to pop up. An increased level of security would be if the bank asked for your password, answers to personal questions, and a one-time password sent to your registered mobile number.

There could be more factors involved in the successful authorization of the concerned user. These details verify your identity and therefore use a multi-factor authentication method like 2FA to make sure the login is genuine. This is what makes 2FA secure.

Setting up Two-Factor Authentication Two-factor authentication can help you feel more secure about the information stored online. This includes media like social media updates, work emails, banking details, etc.

Therefore, it could never hurt to update your security settings with this verification method. Let’s have a look at how it’s done.

Open the app or the website of the application you’re logged in to. These web pages and applications usually have a settings page. First, you need to locate your account. It could be under several names such as profile, my account, your account, etc. Click on your profile, and find the option listed as settings.

Once you’ve found the settings page, the next step is to choose the security settings option. Under that tab, you will find a sub selection named along the lines of privacy settings, login & security, settings & privacy, etc. Under the security settings, you will find an option called two-factor authentication.

Select that and follow the steps mentioned on the page. You may have to sign in with your username and password to verify that you’re the one who is accessing your account.

In WhatsApp, two-factor authentication is carried out by a unique pin. This may be different for other applications. For example, you might have to set a security key or opt for a one-time password on your phone number. Some other After you’ve finalized these details, you will be asked to enter your sign-in details once again for verification.

Benefits of Two-Factor Authentication and How It Can Enhance Security Two-factor authentication is known for being an effective method of identification and verification of users. There are many benefits of setting up 2FA on your personal and business accounts. Two-factor authentication protects important credentials like your bank details, account passwords, unique usernames, personal data, etc.

Furthermore, if you have a bitcoin wallet and want to keep your bitcoin transactions secure, two-factor authentication can play a significant role by preventing anyone other than you to get access to your wallet.

While passwords and security answers can be rather easy to guess for infiltrators, details like unique pins, security keys, and features like push notifications can be hard to break through. This plays a monumental part in securing your bank accounts, wallets, and social profiles from phishing attacks.

Not only is two-factor authentication an affordable way to secure your accounts, but it also protects from cyberattacks and reduces the risks associated with fraud and infringement of identities.

Remember two-factor authentication confirms your identity through a series of different methods. These methods are based on distinct information about you that only you have. So, you must be very careful while setting up 2FA.

To conclude this article, two-factor authentication confirms your identity through a series of different methods. These methods are based on distinct information about you that only you have. So, you must be very careful while setting up 2FA. CryptoApex strongly recommends you use this security feature when setting up a cryptocurrency wallet.

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