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Golf Betting – How to Bet 3-Ball

Golf Betting - How to Bet 3-Ball

Crypto Chris
Crypto Chris
Golf Betting - How to Bet 3-Ball

Golf Betting is a popular activity at online sportsbooks as there is a golf tournament action occurring almost every week of the year. There are many options for Golf Betting, including outrights, place/finishing position, matchups, parlays, props, and most the very popular wagering option of 3-ball. 3-ball betting is a simple type of Golf Betting that is usually offered for the first and second rounds, and sometimes for the third and fourth rounds, depending on the pairings.

3-Ball Betting originates at most PGA Tour events where players go off as threesomes for the first and second rounds. Online sportsbooks will offer odds for all three players in a particular group, so the 3-ball bet is for who will score the best out of a particular threesome for a specific round. There are typically plus-odds since there are three players involved, providing good value on good players, and these bets are usually offered for every group in a specific round.

In the third and final rounds, groups often feature twosomes where 2-ball betting originates. To place a 3-ball bet, a bettor would choose which player they think will score the best in a particular group. For example, at the Masters, Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas, and Collin Morikawa may be paired together for the first round. A bettor may see odds of Woods +250, Thomas +150, and Morikawa +175 for a 3-ball bet. If a bettor placed a $100 3-ball bet on Thomas in the first round and he finished with the best score of the three, they would win $250, including stake. The same bet would be offered for the second round, with odds likely changing depending on how players performed in Round 1.

3-Ball golf betting originated at most PGA Tour events, where players go off as threesomes for the first and second rounds. It’s not exactly certain when this type of betting originated, but it has been popular among golf bettors for many years and especially with those betting online with the offshore sportsbooks. With the rise of online sports betting, 3-ball betting has become even more popular and accessible to golf fans around the globe. However, it’s worth noting that betting on golf has been around for many decades, with many different types of bets and wagers available to sports bettors.

Overall, Golf Betting on 3-ball bets is a fun and exciting way to bet on golf, providing golf fans with the opportunity to bet on specific groups of players during a tournament round.

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