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LeBron James Son Suffers Cardiac Arrest

LeBron James Son Suffers Cardiac Arrest

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James Son Suffers Cardiac Arrest
LeBron James Son Suffers Cardiac Arrest

Le’Bron James son suffers Cardiac Arrest


Earlier this week USC freshman Bronny James suffered a cardiac arrest during practice. Bronny is the 18-year-old son of Lakers super-star LeBron James.  He collapsed and was immediately taken to the hospital.  James is now in stable condition and no longer in the ICU. His family has released a statement thanking the medical staff at the hospital for their care.

Earlier this year, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field following a hit during   NFL game. And some people on social media suggested that Hamlin’s cardiac arrest was related to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Why do athletes suffer from Cardiac Arrest


According to The Sports Institute, roughly one or two in every 100,000 young athletes experience cardiac per year. African American males are at greater risk, with nearly six in 100,000 experiencing a cardiac arrest. Sudden cardiac arrest in young athletes can be a life-threatening event. And it is also important to remember that it is very rare. If you are concerned about your child’s heart health, keep the following tips in mind. 

The most common cause of sudden cardiac arrest in young athletes is a condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This is a condition in which the heart muscle is thickened, which can interfere with the heart’s ability to pump blood.

Regularly screening young athletes for heart conditions. Educating young athletes and their parents about the signs and symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest.  Having an AED (automated external defibrillator) available at all sporting events is strongly advised. 

According to, a spokesman for Bronny James said that medical staff at USC’s Galen Center treated the 18-year-old Monday morning.  This was after he collapsed during practice. He was then transported to a hospital, where he was in stable condition. Tuesday he was officially transferred out of the intensive care unit.

“We ask for respect and privacy for the James family and we will update media when there is more information,” the spokesman said. “LeBron and Savannah wish to publicly send their deepest thanks and appreciation to the USC medical and athletic staff for their incredible work and dedication to the safety of their athletes.”

Bronny James is committed to USC


Bronny James, an 18-year-old four-star recruit, committed to playing college basketball at USC. He averaged 14 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists per game in his senior season at Sierra Canyon High School. James is known for his unselfish play, similar to his father, NBA superstar LeBron James.

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