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MLB Rule Changes 2023 Season

Baseball Rule Changes to Know 2023 MLB Season

Crypto Chris
Crypto Chris
Baseball Rule Changes to Know 2023 MLB Season

Baseball Season Rule Changes.

Baseball Betting enthusiasts will be pleased to know Major League Baseball (MLB) has implemented several new rules for the 2023 season.

1. The first change is a 30-second timer between batters and shorter time limits between pitches to create a quicker pace with less dead time. Once the pitcher receives the ball he must begin pitching motion within 15 seconds when the bases are empty or 20 seconds with runners on base. Batters must also be in the batter’s box and ready by the 8-second mark on the timer.

In addition there are now pickoff/step-off limits, where pitchers are limited to two so-called “disengagements” per plate appearance to prevent them from abusing this workaround.

2. Second, there are defensive shift restrictions. Infielders must be positioned in a more traditional alignment with a minimum of four players on the infield, and at least two infielders completely on either side of second base.

3. Third, bigger bases have been implemented to give fielders and runners more room to operate without colliding, and the distance between the bases has also been adjusted.

4. Fourth, there is a more balanced schedule with every team having at least one series against every other team.

5. Fifth, faster replay reviews are implemented, and managers will have a shorter window of time to request replay reviews. These changes are aimed at enhancing the game’s excitement, player safety, and a more level playing field.

6. Sixth, MLB has also tweaked the rules related to position players to make them more restrictive. Previously, a position player could appear as a pitcher only in extra innings or if his team was trailing or winning by at least six runs. Now, a position player can enter as a pitcher if at least one of the following criteria is met:

Game is in extra innings
Losing Team trailing by at least eight runs at any point
Winning Team is up by at least 10 runs in the ninth inning
Don’t worry. These restrictions do not apply to those who qualify as “two-way” players such as Shohei Ohtani

7. PitchCom for pitchers

PitchCom, a system designed for pitchers, was introduced in the previous season to accelerate the process of relaying signs from the catcher to the pitcher. With the help of a wristband device, the catcher can input the call, which is then transmitted to the pitcher through a receiver embedded in their cap.

Pitchers now allowed to use PitchCom to call pitches This year, pitchers have been given the ability to call their own pitches via PitchCom, with the catcher hearing the call in his helmet. At any time, the two transmitters are permitted to be in use on the field (one for the catcher) (one for the pitcher), and up to five total receivers are available to be worn by the defensive team.

8. Permanent automatic runner in extras

The automatic runner at second base in extra innings is not a new rule, as it was first implemented during the pandemic-shortened season in 2020. What’s new is that it has been officially confirmed as a permanent fixture in the MLB. However, it’s worth noting that this rule will only be applicable during the regular season, while postseason games will still begin with bases empty. This rule was designed to speed up the game and prevent long, energy-draining marathons that can have a negative impact on team rosters.

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