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10K NBA Playoff Bracket Contest

$10,000 NBA Playoff Bracket Contest at BetOnline!

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Crypto Chris
$10,000 NBA Playoff Bracket Contest at BetOnline!

NBA Playoff Bracket Contest – Enter for Free and win up to $500!

This weekend BetOnline has launched a $10,000 NBA Playoffs Bracket Contest.  The contest is open until Monday, April 17th, 2023 at 7:30 pm ET.  The Contest begins with the First Round of the 2023 NBA Playoffs on Saturday, April 15th, 2023.  Entry into the contest is FREE.  There is a maximum of 1 entry per player.  Contestants must have a valid BetOnline account to register for the Bracket Contest.  Registration for the $10,000 NBA Playoff Bracket is only available online, you cannot register via phone, chat or email.  Only fully completed brackets qualify for the contest prizes.  Standard house rules and regulations apply.

How to Play and Win:

Participants must pick the winner of all 15 series in the 2023 NBA Playoffs, beginning with the First Round.  Points will be awarded for each correct pick.  Once you submit your bracket, you can change your picks at any time until the submission deadline at 7:30 pm ET on Monday, April 17th, 2023.  The NBA Playoffs must be completed for the contest to be deemed final and prizes to be awarded. If the NBA Playoffs are cancelled at any point, all entry fees will be refunded.  BetOnline reserves the right to modify the rules of this contest without notice.

Point System:

1 point for every correct selection in the First Round
2 points for every correct selection in the Conference Semifinals
4 points for every correct selection in the Conference Finals
8 points for every correct selection in the NBA Finals

$10,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool:

1st Place: $500

2nd Place: $300

3rd Place: $200

4th Place: $150

5th Place: $100

6th Place: $80

7th Place: $75

8th Place: $65

9th Place: $55

10th Place: $50

To qualify for the prizes, participants must wager a minimum $25 on each round of the NBA Playoffs (1st Round, Conference Semifinals, Conference Finals and NBA Finals).

The Top 500 will win a piece of the $10,000 prize pool; the payout breakdown is as follows:  In the event that the tie-breaker is necessary, participants will be ranked based on having the closest answer to the Total Points Scored in the clinching game of the NBA Finals.

If various participants tie, the tie-breaker question will be used to determine the final standings of the contest.  If various participants remain in a tie after the tie-breaker, the winnings will be split along with the next lowest prize. Example: If two contestants tie for first with 30 points, they will split the 1st and 2nd Place prizes; the participant with the next highest point total will win the 3rd Place prize.  Winnings are awarded as Sportsbook Free Play with a three-time (3x) rollover requirement. 

Winnings will be deposited into the winning players account within 72 hours after the completion of the NBA Finals.  Winnings are non-transferable.

This is an exciting time to join BetOnline and win big, don’t miss out on this amazing contest starting this weekend. 

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