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Best NFL Betting Sites

Best NFL Betting Sites with Crypto

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Best NFL Betting Sites
Best NFL Betting Sites with Crypto

Betting at the Best NFL Sites with Crypto 


Crypto is the customer’s best friend when they patronize the Best NFL Betting Sites. Why? Because crypto offers a smooth transaction. When people use crypto at a sportsbook they don’t have to jump through hoops to fund their account. The customer uses a virtual wallet that contains whatever cryptocurrency they have. Then funds transfer directly from the wallet to the sportsbook. The apparatus is designed to transfer funds within minutes. Then the customer is ready to bet and win. It’s that simple.  And with this in mind, we have taken the time to rate the Best NFL Betting Sites accepting Crypto for you to consider.


#1. BetOnline – Best NFL Betting Site with a 100% Crypto Bonus

#2. MyBookie – Best Sportsbook for Recreational Players with a $1,000 Crypto Bonus.  

#3. BetUS – Best Sportsbook for Crypto Bonuses with a 200% Crypto Bonus


Top 3 NFL Betting Sites


Below is a in-depth breakdown of the Best NFL Betting Sites we confidently recommend through our extensive research. Call them the “Big Three” of the NFL betting world if you will:


#1 BetOnline – Best NFL Betting Site Overall

Best NFL Betting Site BetOnline
  • Daily Odds Booster
  • Earliest to Release NFL Odds
  • Weekly Promos and Contests
  • 17+ Cryptocurrencies Accepted
  • Fastest Crypto Payouts (within the hour)


BetOnline opened its doors over two decades ago and is presently licensed in Panama. However, they are a worldwide entity with offices in a number of places. 


BestOnline Sportsbook History: Known as one of the original Sportsbooks, BetOnline focuses on a customer first mentality. With that in mind Crypto transactions are paid within the hour.


Payment Speed: As part of their crypto commitment, BetOnline offers many choices for depositing with digital currency. And Bitcoin is the principal option they promote. But they also have sixteen other cryptocurrencies on the list, making them unique among the Best NFL betting sites.


Bitcoin allows up to a maximum deposit up to $500,000, therefore its safe to say high-rollers for NFL Betting are welcome. Deposits are completed within thirty minutes which is the fastest in the industry. 


And as far as withdrawals are concerned, BetOnline can process transitions within an hour with Crypto. The minimum withdrawal is $50, with a maximum of $100,000 weekly. 


Bonuses: For those making their first deposit using cryptocurrency, there is the 100% First Time Crypto Bonus. This is available with any of the crypto options BetOnline handles. This bonus will credit you with a maximum of $1,000, the bonus code is CRYPTO100.


Customers can also take advantage of their 30% Reload Bonus (code CRYPTO30). Minimum deposit is $50, with a reasonable 7x rollover associated with the reload bonus.


BetOnline Promotions and Contests


Sportsbook Promos & Contests: BetOnline is well-known for the contests it conducts over the course of the NFL season. For that reason, it is recommended that customers keep going back to the “Contests” section. One of these contests is the $250,000 NFL Survivor. It is $30 to enter, and what’s so exciting is that it is a “winner-take-all” event. There is a lot of opportunity to make extra money for the astute handicapper. Making BetOnline our #1 Rated Best NFL Betting Site. 


#2 MyBookie – Best NFL Betting Site for Recreational Players 

Best NFL Betting Site MyBookie
  • Competitive NFL & College Football Odds
  • Over 200 Prop Bets per NFL Game
  • Special Player Perks and Rewards
  • “Rush” Option for Payouts Available
  • Special Crypto Rewards Program


MyBookie catches the eye, with a sleek layout and design. Their mission statement includes “fast payouts, easy deposits and the best customer service.”


MyBookie Sportsbook History: This sportsbook opened its doors during 2014. However, that is a bit deceiving. There were many people involved who had been in the online gambling industry from the beginning. This site features live betting and a live casino, along with horse racing and a large sportsbook menu.


Payment Speed: MyBookie commits to having its crypto payments processed within 48 hours. The procedure involves going to the website and making a request for a payout.


There are certainly plenty of possibilities for patrons to make a crypto deposit. MyBookie lists Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum, which are four of the most popular. But then there is also Solana, Cardano, Tether, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin and BNB. The minimum deposit when using Crypto is $20.


Bonuses: MyBookie features an attractive 100% Crypto Welcome Bonus on your initial deposit. For those of you planning to bet on NFL, mention bonus code CRYPTO100.


With Crypto, they match 100% of your first deposit up to $1,000, which includes a 10x rollover. And existing customers receive a 25% Sports Reload Bonus up to $1,000, with only a 6x rollover.


MyBookie Promotions and Contests 


Sportsbook Promos and Contests: Customers can play “Squares,” where winners get paid for every quarter of NFL games. Winners are based on the last (or only) digit in each team’s score. And all players are encouraged to keep checking the “Promotions” tab to see which football contests are running.


MyBookie also features a robust VIP program. It inches upward from Heart to Club to Diamond. Better bonuses for VIP members, as well as free entry to contests. Diamond members also get their own personal VIP account manager.


#3 BetUS – Best NFL Betting Site for Crypto Bonuses

Best NFL Betting Site BetUS
  • Best Overall Crypto Bonus
  • Same Day Payouts up to $5,000
  • Access to BetUS TV and Free Picks
  • Same Day Crypto Payouts
  • 30 Years in Business


BetUS brands itself as “America’s Favorite Sportsbook” and maybe it is. It certainly offers enough services to qualify as a multi-varied shop.


BetUS Sportsbook History: BetUS opened its doors in the mid-90’s, which makes them one of the real veteran operations in the industry. They are licensed in Curacao, with a fully-stocked sportsbook and casino. In addition, there is live sports betting and a live dealer casino, with tournaments as well. It is completely mobile-friendly. And what’s somewhat different is that they also have quite a bit of featured media content.


Payment Speed: There are multiple ways to make deposits. Customers can use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum to open an account. Obviously these are completed very quickly. They offer crypto tutorials, perhaps more comprehensive than any of the best NFL betting sites. They walk the customer through a rather easy process of making a crypto deposit. The minimum deposit is $10, with a maximum of $50,000.


When customers want their money, they get it quickly. They can request it online or over the phone with an account manager. The maximum payout is $5,000 per day. They pledge a 24-hour window for these transactions to be completed. Also, there are no fees for crypto transactions. BetUS offers 24-hour-a-day customer service and claims a staff of over 1,000 people.


BetUS Bonuses and Promotions 


Bonuses: BetUS features an attractive 200% Crypto Sign-up Bonus, which works 150% for sports and 50% for the casino. The sports portion is good up to #3,750, and carries a 15x rollover (Bonus code TOP200). Then there is the 100% Crypto Sports Bonus, paying up to $2,500 with just a 10x rollover (Bonus code SU100CRYPT). Both of these bonuses are good on the initial deposit.


Sportsbook Promos and Contests: The $25,000 Pick’em contest asks customers to pick weekly winners, and they get paid weekly. The “Ironman” is played throughout the season, with patrons competing to have the most wins. The Gridiron Guru contest works in a similar fashion. BetUS has a weekly Parlay Card Challenge. And customers can play survivor pools and betting squares as well. If you like to compete, you’ve come to a pretty good place.


They’re all winners. And you can be a winner when you wager at BetUS our #3 ranked best NFL betting sites.


Benefits of Betting NFL with Crypto 


The simplicity of the transaction promotes speed. That not only means speed in making the deposit, which puts a player into action. It also means that when the customer withdraw funds, for whatever reason, it’s lightning fast. And that means within 24 hours from beginning to end. This presents a tremendous relief for NFL bettors who prefer not to sweat banking transactions. Because Crypto offers a confidential environment unlike the other old-school methods. 


Secure Transactions 


And best of all crypto transaction uses blockchain technology that ensures only two entities are party to it. So the process is, by nature, anonymous. In dealing with an online sportsbook, they will know a customer’s identity. But that information is never shared with any outside parties. Banks aren’t involved. Credit card companies are not involved. Organizations engaged in money transfers like Western Union aren’t involved. Literally, no one knows a customer is doing business with the sportsbook other than the sportsbook itself. This naturally offers peace of mind.


Bigger and Better Bonuses when betting with Crypto


Sportsbooks love crypto, and for the same reasons it also is favorable for customers. So it stands to reason that they would construct incentives to entice players to use crypto for deposits.


Most prominently, this involves offering special bonuses for those who make their deposits using crypto. This is an ongoing process, because there are not only bonuses for initial deposits but also for deposits beyond that.


The convenience works for both sides. And they make it more inviting by establishing deposit methods that go way beyond Bitcoin. They recognize that there are a lot of cryptocurrencies in existence. So the best NFL betting sites want to offer alternative payment options if they possibly can.


This also creates flexibility in terms of the transactions themselves. That means there are higher limits for deposits and a for withdrawals. This offers a lot of convenience for the customer.


How we rate the Best NFL Betting Sites


So now that we know that crypto is a preferred way to go, where should a customer play? We take into consideration four key factors.


(1) Sportsbook History 


We explore how many years the sportsbook has been online. We are concerned with reliability. Therefore, the longer they have been satisfying customers, the more comfortable we are with them. Experience is valuable.


And definitely what is of particular importance is how long they have been doing business with cryptocurrency.


Don’t get us wrong; we have nothing against the newcomers. But there is something to be said for having the drill down for decades. 


Besides, the veteran brands are less likely to come and go. They are always in the process of protecting their reputation and perform in such a way as to reinforce it.


(2) Sportsbook Payment Speed


From talking with customers though the years, there is one “pet peeve” they have that ranks ahead of all others. It’s having to sit around for days, or even weeks, to receive their winnings. This is what happens with transactions that involve third party financial institutions. If you are receiving a check, that involves a bank. The same goes for a wire. And they are also international transactions, which also slows down the process of collecting your funds. 


When you deal with cryptocurrency, the Best NFL Betting Sites don’t take customers through any of that. In fact, you’re going to be able to get the process going on your withdrawal same day. And deposits will post to your account in a matter of minutes. Your now working directly with the Sportsbook.  


(3) Sportsbook Bonuses


Bonuses have always been a very big deal in the online gambling industry. And they certainly mean a great deal to those who play at the best NFL betting sites.


And why are those the best sites? Because they know exactly what the customer wants and how to best satisfy it. They know how to reward people for doing business with crypto.


Bonuses can come into play at various points in the process. They can be an enticement to sign up as a new customer. They are a retention tool, as they add perks to each crypto deposit. In other words, they are adding something special to your wagering experience.


The message being conveyed here is, sportsbooks like crypto.  And if you like crypto, they will definitely make it worth your while, in a big way.


(4) Sportsbook Promotions and Contests


Promotions can cover a lot of ground. They could involve a new feature in the sportsbook. There could be better payouts on exotic wagers like parlays. Special promos for crypto customers also include special discounts on juice or higher limits for deposits or withdrawals. The extent of the promos is limited only by the extent of the sportsbook’s imagination.


When it comes to contests, the best NFL betting sites are very good at keeping their customers entertained. Some of them have year-long handicapping contests. Some will have competitions revolving around Monday Night Football propositions. And of course, when it comes to the Super Bowl, it’s all hands on deck.


Contests during the NFL betting season go about as far as the eye can see. And crypto customers have the inside track on the best deals and making the most money.  And this is why we have ranked BetOnline the Best NFL Betting Site.  


All the bonuses and contests add up to something that greatly enhances your wagering experience this NFL season.


We hoped you enjoyed our review of the Best NFL Betting Sites with BetOnline being our number one choice this season!


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