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Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin

Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin

Crypto Chris
Crypto Chris
Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin


Crypto Apex has been preaching one Gospel; that just like a phoenix, crypto was going to rise again from its ashes. Regardless of how cold the crypto winter got, we insisted the dip was going to be a transition that would usher crypto into its next phase. That’s what’s happening right now.

If you didn’t get the memo, you would do well to know that Bitcoin has been on a great run lately (What crypto diehards and experts call a bullish run). And in what appeared to be an impossibility at the peak of the FTX-SBF crisis, Bitcoin prices got back to above $21,000!

Bitcoin is back up where it was before FTX collapsed

See, the crypto market is run on speculation. The more optimistic investors are, the higher the prices.
Conversely, the more pessimistic investors get, the lower the prices. Considered one of crypto’s darkest hours, the fall of FTX greatly undermined investor confidence.

The result? A drop in investor confidence which translated to a sharp downward trend in crypto prices.
Bitcoin’s price at times even dropped to below $16,000! However, investor outlook is set to become more positive as Bitcoin’s value has risen by over 22% within the last 7 days.

If this trend remains consistent, cryptocurrencies will slowly recover and soon everyone will be back to business. And you know what would be wise? To buy crypto early when the price is still low. That way, you will stand to earn a decent profit as prices creep back up.

Ways of buying Bitcoin

That is why if you are still learning about how crypto works, we have made you a comprehensive guide of the best ways to buy Bitcoin. Check it out below;

To own Bitcoin, investors usually purchase from;

 Crypto wallets and money transfer apps
   Crypto exchanges
   Traditional stockbrokers
   Bitcoin ATMs

Wallet Apps

Some of the wallets and peer-to-peer money transfer apps from which you can buy Bitcoin include;

i) CashApp
ii) Venmo
iii) Paypal

CashApp is particularly advantageous as it offers you a straightforward way of not just purchasing but also transferring and storing Bitcoin.

It is important to note that CashApp is a great wallet option for purchasing Bitcoin within the US territory. Outside the US, wallets like and SpectroCoin provide a reliable way of buying Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges are simply platforms where people can trade various digital assets including but not limited to cryptocurrencies. Great examples of reliable crypto exchanges from which you can buy Bitcoin include;

I) Coinbase
II) Gemini
III) Kraken

Coinbase is especially suitable for crypto beginners trying out their hand with Bitcoin. That is because
besides being easy to navigate, Coinbase allows users to purchase smaller amounts than other
exchanges may allow.

Traditional Stockbrokers

Traditional stockbrokers are simply investment companies originally involved in conventional stock markets that later extended their operations to include cryptocurrency. You can buy Bitcoin from traditional stockbrokers like;

1) Robinhood
2) TradeStation
3) SoFi Active Investing
4) WeBull
5) Firstrade

Lastly, people who want to invest in Bitcoin always have the option to buy Bitcoin from designated Bitcoin ATMs. However, that option is usually less than ideal due to the high fees charged on such transactions.

That leaves many Bitcoin enthusiasts and especially beginners with wallets like CashApp as their best option for buying Bitcoin. That is because such wallets offer a simple and straightforward process of doing so with optimal efficiency.

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